Wound Information For Patients

Do you have a wound that's not healing,    or know someone with one?

While these  Regional Wounds Victoria (RWV) website pages are primarily intended as resources for clinicians, we recognise that patients, their carers or the general public may find them interesting or informative. RWV recommends individuals with a wound, consult with their health professional for advice on evidenced based wound care for their individual condition. The following patient brochures and links are suitable for the general public including patients with wounds, those wanting to prevent wounds, and for more information on where to find wound services in your area in Victoria:


Information for Patients

  • Wound Aware Website What is a wound? What are chronic wounds? How long should it take a wound to heal? What are the signs a wound isn't healing?

Patient Education Brochures:

  • From RWV: 

  • From Wounds Australia


Finding a Wound Service in Victoria:

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General Health Information :