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For Clinicians

  1. Australasian Lymphology Association YouTube Channel for Self Management videos of Lymphoedema
  2. Australian Podiatry Association - Vic You Tube Channel for simple and informative clips including imaging, footwear and finding a podiatrist  
  3. Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNAWebinars Including You Tube link to Dr Rick Kausman's: The person-centred approach to healthy weight management. Recommended watching if you've ever advised clients to go on diet restrictions.
  4. Biofilm Based Wound Care Wendy White via AWMA NSW
  5. Bohemian Polypharmacy A parody of Queen's classic song about polypharmacy - taking more medicines than are clinically indicated
  6. Choosing Wisely A parody of the Pharrell Williams song "Happy" - choose wisely when it comes to making health care decisions
  7. Connected Wound Care - 6 instructional YouTube clips to support your training in compression bandaging.
  8. The YouTube channel of Dr Cathy Balding. Quality improvement tools, tips and resources
  9. Department of Health Victoria - Social Media Policy Social Media is changing the way we communicate, and its more than Twitter and Facebook
  10. Empathy - The Human Connection to Patient Care Patient care is more than just healing, it's building a connection that encompasses mind, body and soul. If you could stand in someone else's shoes ... hear what they hear. See what they see. Feel what they feel. Would you treat them differently?
  11. Healing Chronic Wounds Knowledge Works lecture from the University of South Australia
  12. Hungry to be heard viral video: Part 1Part 2Part 3 - Short UK based clips outlining protected meal time issues
  13. Hunter Integrated Pain Service - Understanding Pain: What to do about it in less than 5 minutes Evidence based approaches to chronic pain management
  14. Innovative Therapies for treating wounds Professor Alison Cowin, Knowledge Works lecture
  15. International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot Step-by-Step project, clinician and patient education videos to improve diabetic foot care in the developing world
  16. Joanna Briggs Institute - Evidenced Based Practice Discusses the role of JBI in evidence-based practice: Explains short and simply: - what it is, what it is not, and what you can do. 
  17. Noncompliance Dr Victor Montori, Mayo Clinic, explores patient compliance issues in the context of chronic illness
  18. RWV Hume: Going the Extra Mile for John Describes a unique project in healing John's 20-year-old pressure injury in the community
  19. SBS Insight 17th Feb 2015 Episode "Ouch - How much pain can you handle?"  Guests who feel no pain, phantom limb pain and chronic pain join the sportspeople and share their secrets for getting on top of niggling injuries, discussing the relationship between body and mind.
  20. SBS Insight 24th Feb 2015 Episode "Saving Health - how do we create a patient-focused healthcare system?"  The conversation that doctors and patients want to have, but many politicians are avoiding
  21. Worldwide STOP Pressure Ulcer Day   EPUAP


  1. Patient Information Wound Care from Hunter Wound Interest Group 
  2. How to perform the Touch the Toes test from Dr Gerry Rayman, Ipswich Hospital


  1. STOP this meeting I want to get off. Consumer participation in health is about having consumers at the table but also having them engaged and empowered to have a say. Source: Health Issues Centre. Representing the voice of consumers in health issues across Victoria. 
  2. This is how an engineer feels when he's surrounded by idiots 

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